About Us

We Are Succesful When Our Clients Succeed!

A suite of software and services for your competitive edge.

Suite Edge is a combination of integrated marketing technologies and professional marketing services designed to help your business grow. It has everything a successful business needs, from design and marketing to e-commerce and web services.

Suite Edge seeks to honor God by leaving a positive impact on the lives of our clients, employees, and community.

Our Passionate Team

Rick W.

President / Consultant

Crystal W.

Content / SEO Director

Joe P.

Graphic Designer / Video Editor

Nathan W.

Web Developer / Digital Ads Specialist

Cami D.

Brand Manager

Morgan O.

Brand Manager

Alyssa C.

SEO Copywriter

Kristina U.

SEO Copywriter

Lindsey M.

SEO Copywriter

Sarah H.

SEO Copywriter

Vidish P.

WooCommerce Solutions Architect

Joshua G.

Web Designer

If you are a top gun in your field?
If you have mastered any digital superpowers?
We’d love to hear from you!

Hear From Our Clients.

Jordan Owens
Caregivers United

I can’t say enough good about this team. In only one year they got me to #1 on Google Maps. I had hired four different marketing teams and had four different websites over the past 5 years, but I was not happy with any of them, so I kept moving to someone new…until I found Suite Edge. They are also less expensive than the other marketing companies I’ve used. It’s a no brainer.

Rick Wittrig
Fire Pit Art

I have had the privilege of working with Rick Warda on product promotion and design for the better part of a decade. Without question he is one of the brightest individuals I know, instantly and intuitively knowing the right course of action. Importantly, his moral compass and his word are rock solid.

Michael Cullen
Unique Pavers Design

Can’t say enough good things about Rick, Crystal and the team. Their website development is top shelf. I haven’t found a thing yet that Rick couldn’t help me with. They’ve even trained my staff on the technical computer stuff. But most importantly it’s their Google and digital marketing experience that continues to grow my company.

Business Today!

We’re a US-based development and marketing team you can trust!

Suite Edge is always here for you. Our team specializes in everything from website development and branding to digital advertising and social media management.

Before creaing Suite Edge, our founder and president developed and ran a successful multi-million-dollar online store. Now, his focus is helping others accomplish their business goals!

Suite Edge has helped dozens of businesses reach the top, driving over $100 million in total online revenues.

Choosing a business partner is crucial to success, and we want to be that partner for you!

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