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Let’s Talk WooCommerce

First, let it be known that “WE LOVE WOOCOMMERCE.”
Why? Because unlike most all other platforms, WooCommerce can become whatever you can dream it to be! WooCommerce resides within an open-source platform that makes up over 60% of the internet’s websites and blogs.

It’s no wonder WooCommerce is the most used E-Commerce platform with as many online stores as Shopify and Big Commerce combined!
Don’t get me wrong. We love those platforms, too, as they have their own set of strengths.

You may be wondering which platform to choose, which one will best suit your business goals both today and in the future. If that’s your question, by all means, we’d love for you to stop what you’re doing and call us! We’ll have a fantastic discussion about it with experience speaking from many years of eCommerce platforms, systems, processes, and unique differences.

Or, stay here a little longer and read some of the highlights we’ve put together!

Should You Choose WooCommerce?

No, WooCommerce doesn’t come in a box, but we thought the graphic was cool.

Now back to our original question. Should you choose WooCommerce to build your business? The best way to answer that may be to describe the most considerable differences between WooCommerce and platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, and Volusion. Those other platforms are what we call “Store’s in a Box” (no, they don’t come in boxes either).

E-Commerce has some pretty self-defined processes that include sales orders, order confirmations, PO’s, & PO confirmations. It also includes Tracking Numbers, Product Variations, Product Fulfillment, Packing Slips, and more. These and many more processes are all part of the E-Commerce business model. Big Commerce and Shopify have these built into their platform with pre-defined screens ready to go. Of course, the storefront itself is fully customizable, but the back end is more or less “configurable”.

With WooCommerce, you could completely define your business process! If you need manufactured build-orders, connectivity to other systems, or if you need a backend checklist unlike anything out there – WooCommerce can do it! Why? Because WooCommerce is a database platform to be developed upon. Sure there are basic store functions and plugins to do what most online stores need, but the potential to be so much more is where WooCommerce shines!



With WooCommerce being the largest E-Commerce platform, it has become easy to find many WooCommerce developers and programming freelancers out there. However, who you choose to partner with may very well define your level of success!

Since WooCommerce is built upon many stand-alone realms of expertise, choosing a development and support partner with testing and experience in all these areas is a must if you are serious about your online endeavor. For example, a top-gun programmer can develop your store pages but may not possess experience in cloud processing speed, CDN choices, and other Server Side skills or experience, to name a few! He may not be available on a Saturday afternoon when you notice something that critically needs to be edited or updated in your store.

Partnering with SUITE EDGE is delightfully different!

Our team is always here for you. We consist of a team specializing in their gifts, from website layout and design to programming and automation.
Even our founder has developed and ran a successful multi-million dollar online store before creating SuiteEdge. And now, his focus is helping others accomplish the same!
Choosing a partner who has “owned” the responsibility of success for an online store, developing tools, and systematic growth both from a website and marketing approach definitely set’s us apart.

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