December 19, 2022
Top Social Media Trends of 2022
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Top Social Media Trends of 2022


Social media continues to be a dominating force among businesses and consumers. Each year popular trends emerge that can help small businesses find success on large social media platforms. As we close 2022, let’s look at some 2022 social media trends that stood out and what might be ahead in 2023.


Consumers are in charge


People are shopping, surfing, and socializing online more than ever. As a result, consumers have more of a say in what businesses post and share on social media. In 2022, we saw how consumers are in charge of what they want to see from companies on social media.


It used to be that companies controlled the narrative and put out the content they wanted their audience to consume. Now, consumers want content that’s personalized, faster service, and brands that hear them. In fact, consumers are demanding it on social media platforms. We believe this is a trend here to stay. So how can your business win with this trend? First, connect and listen to your audience. Then, follow them on social media and interact with their posts. Finally, review social media metrics to know what your audience wants to see more of.


TikTok is dominating


If TikTok is intimidating, don’t fear! TikTok isn’t just a trendy social media platform; it’s here to stay. It’s actually one of the top trends for 2022. TikTok is wildly popular with Gen Z users and continues to stay relevant. In addition, consumers relate to the short videos and personalized content, so it’s a place businesses should be if the audience is right.


The bottom line is, if your audience is on TikTok, your business should be too. You can discover this by researching your potential audience and learning their habits, likes, and online behaviors. 2022 has shown that TikTok is not a platform to brush off anymore.


Social media advertising demands creativity 


Ads have been around social media websites like Facebook and Instagram for many years, but a popular trend from 2022 is businesses getting creative with ad content. Consumers already have a bad taste with ads, so companies are forced to use creative ways to get ad views and click-throughs.


What does getting creative mean? First, it means businesses have to personalize ads to their potential customers. Consider their income levels, interests, demographics, and purchasing habits before creating the ad. Additionally, user-generated content was especially popular in 2022, and companies should include this content in their advertising strategy. This all takes extra work, but it’s worth it in the long term for your customers to appreciate and stay loyal to your brand.


Social selling is on the rise 


A social media trend that’s good news for e-commerce businesses is the rise of social selling. Social selling allows consumers to purchase a product without ever leaving the social media app. For example, your potential customers can buy your product or service directly through an Instagram post. Utilizing these shopping features on Instagram can make it easier and more enjoyable for your customers to make a purchase. 


Another side of social selling is using social media influencers. Influencers are becoming more legitimate in the eyes of businesses and hold a great deal of trust with social media users. As you look ahead in 2023, partnering with influencers to post and promote your product or service can benefit your business.


Targeting is more important than ever 


Social media websites are crowded places, to say the least. With more and more businesses and users logging on (and staying connected) to their social media pages, targeting is critical for a company’s social media strategy. In 2022, we saw how important targeting is for ads, content, and visuals. A generic Facebook ad shown to all users probably won’t get the eyes and clicks you want. However, using strategic targeting techniques (think location, demographics, income levels, interests, etc.) helps tremendously to get the metrics you want.


Looking to 2023


With 2022 almost behind us, what should you focus on in the new year? Of course, we see these 2022 trends will stick around in 2023, but there are some things you should prioritize more in your social media strategy.


  • More videos: Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook continue to make videos a priority on their platforms, specifically short videos like “reels.” Social media users, especially younger ones, interact more with reels and short videos, so add reels to your posting strategy to get in front of your audience more.
  • Social media > search engines: A trend we see coming in 2023 is more people using social media to search for products and companies than traditional search engines. What this means for businesses is ensuring their posts and pages include keywords that potential customers search for.


Ready to go to the next level?


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Published: December 19, 2022
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