July 1, 2022
Things Your Content Creator Wish You Knew
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Things Your Content Creator Wish You Knew


Whether you’ve been working with your content creator for a few months or many years, you know the value they bring to your company. Content creators see the mechanics of a social post or piece of content, so they have a lot of insight that can further improve your content marketing strategy. Here are some tips for you as a business owner to support your content creator in creating the best content!


Submit Fresh Authentic Content 


Your content creator uses many resources to craft a successful and engaging social post. However, one of the most important resources for social media posts is your business! Since you are experiencing the everyday life of your business, you’re seeing things your content creator may not. So, submitting fresh, authentic content is an excellent resource for post creation. 


How do you submit fresh content to your content creator? At Suite Edge, we make it incredibly easy for our clients to submit videos and photos for our content creators to use. Our team offers a simple social content form that allows you to upload your video or photo content as often as you like. This significantly helps our content creators create top-notch content. Plus, your audience is more likely to engage with content that is authentic and personal.


Your Social Media is About You


One important thing your content creator wishes you knew is that your social media pages are about you! There is undoubtedly value in informational and call-to-action posts, but your page should reflect the personal side of your business too. This could mean quick Q&A videos, a glimpse of office life, or a project in production. Essentially, you want to invite your audience into your work and create emotional connections.


Content creators can research and create excellent content about your industry or what your business produces, but a content creator also works to see the most post engagement. So, you can significantly impact your social media followers and engagement by giving an inside look at your business. As we mentioned earlier, this is very easy with Suite Edge’s social content form to upload your photos/videos.


Share What You See In Your Industry


Are you seeing a shift in your industry? Is your target audience changing how they interact with your product or service? Are there price changes to what you offer? Share these with your content creator! Your content creator can always benefit from more context to your business and industry, and relevant industry information will help them. 


The more background and resources your content creator has about your business and industry, the more informed they are when creating content. If you want to help your content creator become an expert on your business, product/service, and industry, share what you’re seeing and how this might impact your business moving forward.


Creating Content is a Long-Term Game


We all want to see fast results in a world that prioritizes instant gratification. However, content creation and social media are definitely long-term games. Some posts may generate instant engagement or leads, but the primary focus is developing a connection with your audience and business. This is done through years of consistent posts, valuable content, and engaging with the audience. At Suite Edge, our resources are built to help you achieve long-term success with your marketing strategy.


Feedback is Helpful for Everyone 


The last thing your content creator wishes you knew is feedback is everything! We’re all looking at the feedback from the audience on content, but feedback is critical for content creators too. So first, communicate your expectations upfront. This keeps you and your content creator on the same page from the very beginning. 


As your content creator is posting content, always give feedback. Your content creator will share how posts and content performed, but they also want to hear what you think about the content. For example, maybe you want to see more video posts on Facebook or less of another type of content. Feedback like this helps content creators know how to adjust or do more of the same. At the end of the day, content creators want your business to win, so they want to develop content that succeeds in that, and one of the keys to successful content is consistent feedback and communication.



Content marketing is one of our services at Suite Edge that comes with knowledgeable and passionate content creators. We have the team, resources, and expertise to create compelling content that leads to engagement, credibility, and business growth. Our team makes this all about you and your business! When your business wins, we win!


If you’re new to content creation or want to revamp your content marketing strategy, reach out to Suite Edge today to see how we can partner with you. Let’s create a winning content strategy together!


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Published: July 1, 2022
Author: Suite Edge Author
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