January 16, 2023
4 Things You Should Know About Online Buyers And What to Do Next
online buyer behaviors

 4 Things You Should Know About Online Buyers And What to Do Next


Online shopping is now more popular than ever. Shoppers also know exactly what they’re looking for and won’t waste time on an online store that’s lacking. As an online retailer, learning online buyer behaviors is essential so you know how to serve them better and what to avoid. Here are four things to know about online buyer behaviors and what to do next.


Buyers Research


Online buyers will spend time researching the product they’re looking for and the companies that offer it. According to Google, 80% of consumers use search engines to research a product or service. Buyers want to know what the product offers, reviews, how to use it, and other important details. You can list this information on the product page, blog posts, and landing pages through written content or videos. However, the online buyer has to find your website first! Is your website on search result pages?


What to do next: Offer straightforward, informational, and valuable content about your product or service. This will help your potential customer find what they’re looking for, and search engines prioritize websites with useful and unique content in search engine rankings. Also, prioritize your website’s overall SEO so more potential customers can find what you offer!


Buyers Purchase Early 


We see every year that Christmas shopping moves earlier and earlier. Buyers purchase early for a variety of reasons, but mainly online shoppers plan ahead to avoid delays in shipping or missing out on their favorite products. So, that means online buyers will start searching for promotions or seasonal products even earlier too.


What to do next: How can online retailers help support buyers who purchase early? First, plan your products and promotions ahead of time. Then, ensure you have products in stock earlier in the season, and your website is equipped for purchasing. 


Buyers Shop Around 


Back in the day, consumers would visit several stores before making a purchase to find the best price. Buyers do the same thing online! Online shoppers (61% of online buyers, to be exact) will shop around and check out several websites before landing on the one they purchase from. This shopping around could be good news or bad news. The good news, you could see more potential customers visit your website, but on the flip side, those potential customers might leave your website to visit a competitor. 


What to do next: How do you help shoppers stay on your website? First, evaluate the technical and content components of your website. Are there any slow-loading pages? Research shows website visitors won’t wait around for web pages that load slowly. Do you have enough content for potential customers to learn all they can about the product? Is the checkout process easy to find and navigate? These are great places to start to help potential customers find and stay on your website!


Buyers Abandon Carts 


Abandoned carts are an unfortunate thing with online shopping, but not an uncommon one. Buyers will add to their cart and change their minds or plan to return to checkout later. While you can’t completely prevent abandoned carts, there are some things you can control to make it an easier process for your buyers to purchase.


What to do next: To help reduce the number of abandoned carts on your website, try simplifying the checkout process. This reduces the chance people abandon their carts because checkout is a long or complicated process. Go through checkout yourself as if you were a customer to see any potential issues that come up. Additionally, consider using an email campaign to engage the potential customers who abandoned their carts.


It Starts With a High-Performing Website


Online buyer behavior is heavily influenced by the websites they visit. The potential buyer will stay longer if it’s an informative, fast, functional, and user-friendly website. But as we’ve seen above, the opposite is also true. So, to get your brand and product in front of more website visitors, start with impeccable website design and engaging content. A high-performing website has better SEO and an edge over competitors. For online retailers, you demand a website that caters to your unique needs. Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your online business is critical for your success as an online retailer! 


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Published: January 16, 2023
Author: Suite Edge Author
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