Shopify + Suite Edge = SUCCESS

Shopify Continues To Deliver

If you are looking for versatility and stability, this is where Shopify delivers. They have passed up the likes of 3D Cart, X Cart, Volusion and others to become one of the largest most trusted utilized e-commerce platform, second only to WooCommerce. Shopify comes in many sizes. One could utilize a basic plan with 2 staff accounts, a modest theme and begin building their store product line quickly. In our opinion, the out-of-the-box themes will not help you develop your brand identity and will severely lack the experience many are accustomed to from mature, established sites, but none the less, your store will work and for some it’s a fit. Shopify also had larger programs from advanced stores which accommodate up to 15 accounts, reporting tools and 3rd party shipping rate calculators.

In an effort to support the large to enterprise e-commerce businesses, Shopify has rolled out their very own “Shopify Plus” platform. Shopify Plus promises to deliver results to large e-eommerce stores including national chains such as Staples and Dressbarn.

Should You Choose Shopify?

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform that continues to grow year after year.

While it wasn’t the first on the block, it was one of the first group of SAAS (software as a service) e-commerce platforms. Like many of these SAAS platforms, Shopify’s strength is simplifying store management. Let the developers make the store look good and perhaps add some uniqueness in its user experience and functions, but allow Shopify to master the day to day e-commerce business model. If your store warehouses and ships your own products or if you drop ship products from a vendor, both processes are well thought out and defined within the Shopify back end. There is little to touch there.

Once your online store is designed, developed, and launched to your liking. The major maintenance after that is typically going to be product management, and storefront sales, enhancements, and seasonal changes.

Should you choose Shopify? if the above highlights appeal to you, that is definitely a good reason to consider Shopify. If your business model is a typical B to C online store that either imports, warehouses, or drop ship product to your customers, then Shopify still is a good fit. If you are not one to want things “your way” and are willing to adjust your business methods to the software then again, Shopify fits.

With that being said, we have been involved with e-commerce for over a decade and Shopify’s processes are definitely engineered to accommodate the best practices.

Why Choose Suite Edge?

While Shopify has pricing and platforms from $29/month to $2,000/month, they all need some level of development if you want your brand to stand out.

Shopify Plus includes work flows and other special functions for larger scaled businesses, while the smaller stores require more of a unique look and feel that capture the essence of your brand and target audience.

Suite Edge has been in the e-commerce arena since 2007. If you are looking for a new store and know exactly what you want, we can deliver. But one of the things that set’s us apart is the ability to help you along your journey, counsel you with lessons learned from many years of e-commerce experiences from being both a store designer, developer as well as a successful online store owner.

Partnering with Suite Edge is delightfully different!

Our team is always here for you. We consist of a team specializing in their gifts, from website layout and design to programming and automation. Even our founder has developed and ran a successful multi-million dollar online store before creating Suite Edge. And now, his focus is helping others accomplish the same! Choosing a partner who has “owned” the responsibility of success for an online store, developing tools, and systematic growth both from a website and marketing approach definitely sets us apart.