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Creative Samples & AD Capabilities

Some samples of the type of work we do to help our businesses gain business exposure, brand recognition and see real growth.

VIDEO Production Posts

May be used for Facebook Ads or Boosted Posts for wider audience view (Recommended)

Monthly Video Posts in all 5 Social Channels


Produced & Sent Out Monthly

We may gather Newsletter Recipients from a growing variety of potential sources:

  1. Your CRM, post sales
  2. Facebook followers
  3. Instagram followers
  4. Online Ad engagements
  5. Events, Drives, Car Hold forms etc.

DYNAMIC AI  Automotive ADs

Facebook & Instagram

1.) Cars are pulled from your website via VIN#

2.) AI Target Audience is created by buyers currently searching for Vehicles, including people who have recently visited a dealership.

3.) Cars are intelligently placed in front of target audience based profile and behavior data (ie type of vehicle, price etc.)