August 1, 2022
How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform
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How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform


In today’s world, it’s a fantastic time to run an online business. There are endless opportunities for an online business to succeed and reach people all over the world, and it starts with a stellar ecommerce platform. Ecommerce platforms have evolved over the years to deliver a smooth customer purchasing experience and support a business’ systems and objectives. If you’re an online business, you can’t survive these days without an ecommerce platform. So, how do you select the best ecommerce platform for your company?


Questions to Consider


There are literally hundreds of options for ecommerce platforms, all claiming to be the best fit for your growing business. To help you to find the right ecommerce platform for your business, here are some questions to first consider.


What’s the size of your business?

Some ecommerce platforms are designed for small businesses and others for mid to large companies. You see this in the features an ecommerce platform offers and the sophistication of its technology. Therefore, it’s best to choose a platform with room to grow but doesn’t give you (and make you pay for) tons of features you don’t need.


What’s your budget for setup and ongoing fees?

Speaking of paying, you must consider your budget for an ecommerce platform when choosing. Prices range all over and don’t just include the initial purchase. In addition, ecommerce platforms often have maintenance fees that you pay monthly. So look closely at all the upfront and ongoing costs before deciding on an ecommerce platform.


What are your business goals?

How will your business grow in the next year and five years? Do you plan to launch new products? Will your team expand in the near future? Your company’s goals will affect how you use your ecommerce platform, so it’s critical to incorporate your growth objectives into this decision.


How much customization do you require?

Some ecommerce platforms offer a completely customizable experience to do anything you want, while others have a simpler system. Neither is a bad option; it’s just what’s important to your company’s needs. Deciding the level of customization you want will narrow down to the ecommerce platforms best suited for your business.


What customer experience do you want? 

You should also consider your customers when deciding on an ecommerce platform. Think about what type of shopping and purchasing experience you want to provide. Features like payment options, shipping options, order communications, and ease of use all matter to your customers. Consider how different ecommerce platforms meet these needs.


Four Ecommerce Platform Options


With some questions to consider, let’s look at some real ecommerce platforms. Out of all the platforms out there, there are four that our team at Suite Edge knows, uses, and loves. We’re confident any of these ecommerce platforms will help you win!


  • WooCommerce: By far, this is the largest ecommerce platform on the internet today. There’s a reason it’s grown so big too because it’s loved by many! The brightest feature of WooCommerce is it’s completely customizable and allows you to develop it into whatever your business needs for an ecommerce site. Learn more about WooCommerce here.
  • Shopify: For businesses looking for an ecommerce platform with a well-defined system already in place, Shopify is one of the best. While there are still some customizable features, Shopify has systems that work well for thousands of businesses. Find out more about Shopify here.
  • BigCommerce: If your company is reaching mid to large size, BigCommerce is a great ecommerce option. This platform allows for a custom design and experience, plus it integrates well with other systems like CRM databases or Mailchimp. Learn more about BigCommerce and its features here.
  • NetSuite: This ecommerce platform has a lot of potential for your company. It has many customization options and fits your business’ unique size and needs. NetSuite has a long track record of success and is an excellent option for your ecommerce platform. Find out more about NetSuite here.


Don’t Dive Into Ecommerce Alone!


Our last tip for choosing an ecommerce platform is to not go into it alone! Whether you’re experienced with ecommerce websites or not, it’s beneficial to partner with a team that dedicates all their time to your ecommerce website. As the business owner, this leaves you more time to focus on growing your company and products. 


Suite Edge is your trusted partner for ecommerce! We have over 15 years of experience in the ecommerce world, and we use that expertise to help companies (big and small) win with the perfect ecommerce platform for them. We do everything from design to programming to automation to marketing at Suite Edge. Reach out to Suite Edge today to discuss which ecommerce platform is right for your business!



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Published: August 1, 2022
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