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Introducing BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a go-to choice for growing and large-scale companies alike, and has been involved in the e-commerce game since 2009. BigCommerce fits small businesses well due to its low-cost packages, which possess more functionality per dollar than most other platforms. BigCommerce is also a good match for larger size companies and has grown in popularity amongst them in recent years. Notable businesses using BigCommerce include: Ben & Jerry’s, Mrs. Meyers, Burrow Furniture, and Woolrich.

How Does BigCommerce Compare to Other Platforms?

BigCommerce still delivers on fast-response servers, robust API, and a modular framework which allows developers to create nearly any specialized e-commerce interface design. BigCommerce is also built with the stencil theme, which allows us to create completely new designs offline while still staying connected to your data. The integrations and frameworks of BigCommerce allow us to create unique business applications as well as connections to your existing CRM or ERP solutions.

big commerce logo

Key Features

  No transaction fees, regardless of payment gateway
  Easier support for multiple currencies
  Better support for mobile/AMP pages for a faster mobile experience
  Up to 250 product options with custom fields and file uploads
  Third-party real-time carrier quotes available on lower price tiers
  Works well with a larger variety of POS systems
  All price tiers provide unlimited staff accounts
  More features at the same price level as other platforms.
  Native Mailchimp integration (if you like Mailchimp that is, personally we like Infusionsoft or Constant Contact)

Hear From Our Clients.

Jordan Owens - Caregivers United

Jordan Owens
Caregivers United

I can’t say enough good about this team. In only one year they got me to #1 on Google Maps. I had hired four different marketing teams and had four different websites over the past 5 years, but I was not happy with any of them, so I kept moving to someone new…until I found Suite Edge. They are also less expensive than the other marketing companies I’ve used. It’s a no brainer.

Rick Wittrig - Fire Pit Art

Rick Wittrig
Fire Pit Art

I have had the privilege of working with Rick Warda on product promotion and design for the better part of a decade. Without question he is one of the brightest individuals I know, instantly and intuitively knowing the right course of action. Importantly, his moral compass and his word are rock solid.

Michael Cullen - Unique Pavers Design

Michael Cullen
Unique Pavers Design

Can’t say enough good things about Rick, Crystal and the team. Their website development is top shelf. I haven’t found a thing yet that Rick couldn’t help me with. They’ve even trained my staff on the technical computer stuff. But most importantly it’s their Google and digital marketing experience that continues to grow my company.

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