August 15, 2022
Does Your Business Need a Blog?
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Does Your Business Need a Blog?


Whether you just started your business website or have been in business for many years, you’ve probably wondered if you should start a blog on your website. A business blog takes time and planning, so it’s a valid question. Here we’ll break down if your business needs a blog and why it’s an important part of content marketing that can help your company and website grow.


Short Answer: YES!


So, to answer the burning question, yes, your business needs a blog! We believe in the power of a well-written blog, so this isn’t just something else to add to your website. It’s a powerful tool for your website and business growth. Let’s look at some reasons why your business needs a blog and how it benefits you.


Provides Value & Shows Expertise to Potential Customers


A business blog does a lot for your potential and current customers. First, it shows your expertise in the industry. If you can show you are an expert in your industry and that your are passionate about your customers, your audience and prospective customers are more likely to trust your business. Your blog posts can cover all different areas of your product/service, industry, and how it impacts customers’ lives to show expertise. 


The second thing you show to customers with a business blog is value. You are writing about topics that provide value to customers. For example, if you have an interior painting business, you could write about how to choose a paint color or signs it’s time to re-paint a room. Always choose topics that give the audience valuable and helpful information!


Drives Traffic to Website


Your company’s website is one of your best tools for informing the audience, collecting leads, and converting leads to purchases. So naturally, you want to drive all the traffic to your website! Social media pages and third-party listings are useful, but your website should be a priority for visitors. Your business blog will help with that!


A great benefit to a business blog is driving traffic to your website. Your audience may find a link to your blog on search engines, social media pages, or from a friend. No matter where they found the link, they will always end up on your website. From there, your blog’s content could entice them to interact with other pages on your website.


Improves Website SEO


In addition to driving traffic to your company’s website, a blog can also improve your website’s SEO. Better search engine optimization can raise your website’s rank on search engine result pages. So a blog about how to choose a paint color may help an interior painting company rank in the top spots for keywords about choosing paint colors. Blog posts should include valuable content and other SEO strategies to impact the website’s SEO.


If your blog and website are optimized well, a new blog could be the first introduction someone has to your business. Then, if you write new blogs once or twice a month, that just increases the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Therefore, the more you maintain your blog, the more pages search engines can index that can boost your website and blog’s SEO. 


Use for Social Media Posts


Finally, if you’re struggling with social media content, blog posts can help with that. Many companies also use their latest blog posts as social media posts. The key here is creating inviting graphics and linking to the blog on your website. That way, you still drive traffic to your website but also satisfy an engaging social media post. It really is a win-win!


Posting blog links as social posts is also helpful if your audience spends most of their online time on social media. People who wouldn’t otherwise visit your website will discover your blog through social media pages. Your followers also have the opportunity to share the blog post with their followers, plus like or comment on it.


Need Help With Your Website’s Blog?


If you’re on board with a blog for your business but have no idea how to execute it, we can help! We understand that a business blog takes a lot of planning and time that you or your staff may not be able to devote. At Suite Edge, we have a team of copywriters who write engaging, informative, and SEO-driven blog posts for our clients. We believe that a business blog can provide long-term results for companies, so we are passionate about helping you achieve that. 


Whether you’re creating your blog from scratch or looking for a partner to revamp your company’s blog, Suite Edge can help. We can guide you on blog frequency, topics, graphics, and everything that goes into a successful blog. Contact the Suite Edge team today to learn more about our services.



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Published: August 15, 2022
Author: Suite Edge Author
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