Social Media Specialist

Who We Are

Suite Edge is a brand marketing and business development company with a focus on eCommerce and small to medium-sized companies. We offer a complete suite of software and services to provide companies a strong competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital world. We work together with our clients developing brand identity and business growth. We operate closely as their marketing department as opposed to an outsourced ad agency.
Our holistic approach combining world-class software and services helps companies increase their brand awareness and customer reach.
Our purpose is to help companies grow into their potential; we do this primarily with online marketing and SEO as well as developing brand identity, awareness, and reputation management.  Providing software, reporting systems, web development, and a specialized marketing team is our forte.
The ongoing success of Suite Edge depends on our employees – a diverse team of people that reflect our core values: being customer-obsessed, embracing transparent and open-minded collaboration while pursuing continuous learning and improvement.

Social Media Specialists

Social Media Specialists manage all aspects of Social Media Channels, posting and brand reputation. This would include but is not limited to creating new social media business pages and posting to them regularly. Brand reputation would also include acquiring reviews and recommendations for each of our clients. This is done through our software. Much of this position requires the ability to relate relationally and understand the nuances of every brand’s unique image.
Also, this position would require someone with creative skills as much of the content you will create includes fundamental graphic art tools and software.
As a Social Media Specialist, your primary responsibilities will include:
• Set up and design all 5 Social Media Channels / Pages for each client as needed
• Work with client to establish their Brand’s voice and style as well as content needs
• Create scheduled Posts and content for all channels
• Build review count and ratings for each client utilizing our software and other processes
• Utilize creative means to increase each client’s social media following
• Continue to grow in our tools & processes, supporting our client base websites
• Research and actively engage in assessing ways to improve our client’s brand identity and experience.
• Posting content to client’s websites, including provided blogs and graphics.

What We Look For

The ideal candidate would possess an understanding of the ever-changing Social Media world and the nuances of each channel.
The ability to communicate well with our clients establishing an excellent positive relationship as you are entrusted with their online brand perception and reputation growth.
Must possess a coachable attitude and the ability to be flexible as a mouthpiece for each unique client’s identity.
Working knowledge of graphic design techniques and a good eye for color, layout, and balance to maintain brand continuity with each content piece created. There are multiple responsibilities in this position, the ideal candidate must be detail-oriented while still focused on production with an understanding of deadlines and time management.

Must Haves:

• Excellent grammar, written and verbal communication skills
• Experience in any type of design, layout, graphic program
• Ability to understand our clients and their perspective of their brand and expectations
• Desire to continually learn and grow both independently and from colleagues