Social Media Specialist

Job Description

Suite Edge is a digital marketing and business development company that offers a complete suite of marketing software and managed services to give companies a competitive edge. The ongoing success of Suite Edge depends on our fantastic employees — a diverse team of people that reflect our core values: customer satisfaction, transparecy, and open-minded collaborative thinking.


What You’ll Do

Social Media Specialists manage all aspects of social media and brand reputation for our clients. This would include but is not limited to creating new social media business pages and posting to them regularly. Brand reputation would entail acquiring reviews and recommendations. This is done through our software. Much of this position requires the ability to relate to our clients and understand the nuances of their unique image.

As a Social Media Specialist, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • The setup and design of all 5 main social media channels/pages for each client as needed
  • Working with clients to establish their brand’s voice, style, and content needs
  • Schedule posts and content for web and social
  • Build reviews and ratings for each client utilizing our software and other digital processes
  • Utilize creativity to increase each client’s social media following
  • Research and actively engage in ways to improve our client’s brand identity and overall experience
  • Posting content to client websites, including provided blogs and graphics



  • Excellent grammar, written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in any type of design, layout, and graphics programs
  • Ability to understand our clients and their perspective of their brand and expectations
  • Desire to continually learn and grow both independently and with colleagues

Social Media Specialist Application

Application - Social Media Specialist
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