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Introducing Big Commerce

We are a full-service BigCommerce agency, supporting ongoing web development, updates, and functionality.  We even have a department that will help manage your product development and product offering updates.  With over 15 years of eCommerce development and management, we understand the needs of small, medium, and even enterprise-level web stores.

We consider ourselves partners with our clients and work as an extension of their team.
If you are looking to migrate to BigCommerce because you feel you out-grew your current platform, we are your partner for the task.  BigCommerce is a seasoned eCommerce platform with its own servers and stellar in-house support team.  We work closely with BigCommerce on both versions of their platform.  If you want a custom store or need a special functionality, we can take care of you and all your  BigCommerce goals.

Should You Choose Big Commerce?

BigCommerce is a go-to choice for growing mid-size to large-size companies and has been in the game since 2009. We’ve watched them grow up and support some of our beloved clients.  BigCommerce will definitely fit the small businesses as well as it has a low-cost package for that with more functionality per dollar than most.  BigCommerce is a good match for businesses of all sizes but has grown in popularity as standing out for larger size companies.  Some notable businesses using BigCommerce are: Burrow Furniture, Woolrich, Ben & Jerry’s and Mrs. Meyers.
BigCommerce still delivers on fast response servers, robust API and modular framework which allows our developers to create nearly any specialized eCommerce interface design &/or functionality.  BigCommerce also is built with the stencil theme allowing us to create completely new designs and functionality offline yet still being connected to your data.  The integrations and framework of BigCommerce allow us to create unique business applications and connections to your existing solutions including your CRM or ERP.

In regards to features, there are some key things to note which make BigCommerce a good choice for your eCommerce platform.


  • No transaction fees, regardless of payment gateway
  • Support for multiple currencies is more easily done with BigCommerce
  • Better support for mobile / AMP pages for a faster mobile experience
  • Use up to 250 product options.  Custom fields and file uploads could even be options
  • Third-Party real-time carrier quotes available on lower price-level tiers
  • BigCommerce works well with a larger variety of POS systems
  • All price tiers provide unlimited staff accounts.
  • Overall more features at the same price-level than other platforms.
  • There’s even a native Mailchimp integration
    (if you like Mailchimp that is, personally we like Infusionsoft or Constant Contact ourselves)


BigCommerce is a solid E-Commerce platform, and as mentioned we’ve watched it grow up since 2009 to be a very robust and trustworthy platform.  We’ve worked with the support team at BigCommerce and they are committed to building and maintaining a world-class solution for their customers.

Our expertise in eCommerce as well as working with the BigCommerce platform with a deeper understanding of their methodologies and store code structure, we are confident that your goals can be realized by partnering with Suite Edge as your BigCommerce development and support team.

Partnering with SUITE EDGE is delightfully different!

Our team is always here for you. We consist of a team specializing in their gifts, from website layout and design to programming and automation.
Even our founder has developed and ran a successful multi-million dollar online store before creating SuiteEdge. And now, his focus is helping others accomplish the same!
Choosing a partner who has “owned” the responsibility of success for an online store, developing tools, and systematic growth both from a website and marketing approach definitely set’s us apart.

We’re a USA-Based

Development Team You Can Trust!

  • All work completed in-house
  • Developing E-Commerce and Web Solutions since 2007
  • Experienced team of developers and internet marketers
  • Helped drive 100M+ in online revenue
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