June 6, 2022
5 Social Media Strategies to Engage Your Followers
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5 Social Media Strategies to Engage Your Followers

Most businesses have some sort of social media presence, but nowadays, just having a page isn’t enough. Companies looking to grow and maintain their customer base should have an active presence on social media sites. However, no one likes projecting to an empty room, so how do you engage your followers on social media? Here are five social media engagement tips to help your followers interact with your content!


1. Understand your audience 


The first step before you start posting is to study your audience. What social media platforms do your audience or target customers engage on? Here is one example, if your ideal customers are over 50 years old, you probably won’t find them on TikTok. Additionally, if your industry is visually-focused and your target audience responds to those posts, Instagram is a must!


Think about your ideal customer’s demographics, what interests them, their goals, and how they talk about your product or service. Then, incorporate your findings into the posts you write, pictures and videos you choose, and even what platforms your business will spend the most time on. Giving you a great place to start in creating engaging social media content.


2. Tell a story 


When your followers go to their social media feed, they aren’t looking for constant sales pitches from business pages. While it is important to use social media as a part of your sales and marketing (more on this later!), it’s just as critical to let your followers in on the real people behind your business. In other words, use your social media pages to tell a story, specifically your story!


Some examples are telling how your business started, sharing touching stories about interactions with customers, and showing the value your product or service plays in your customers’ daily lives. Additionally, everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look! Use Facebook and Instagram stories to let your audience in on the uniqueness of your business.


3. Give back to your followers 


If you want more engagement from your social media followers, try engaging with them first! Your customers will feel special when you take the time on your business page to respond to messages or comments, follow them, and share their posts about your business. This could also look like posting content that does not benefit your business, only to provide value to your audience, like asking your followers about their holiday plans or sharing a local event. 


Another way to give back to your audience is to bring them into the conversation. Ask questions about what content they want to see or what questions they have about your business or offerings. This increases your social media engagement and gives you ideas for future content! 


4. Include a call to action 


Some social media posts are purely informational or pouring into your audience, but sometimes you have to ask the audience to act. Including a short call to action in some of your social media posts is a great strategy to increase engagement when you combine it with the other tips we mentioned. This could mean asking your followers to sign up for a monthly newsletter, download a coupon, or visit for a special deal between 2-4 pm. 


Keep your call to action concise and organic. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a call to action! Instead of just a written post on your business page, try using the stories or reel feature and even going live to get the word out. Facebook and Instagram make these features prominent on their platforms, so followers are more likely to see them.


5. Be intentional and flexible 


The final strategy to increase your social media engagement is to be intentional and flexible with your strategy. Sometimes your ideas flop, and sometimes they go viral, so be intentional about tracking results and staying adaptable to change things if it’s not working. Using a stellar social media strategy with planning, execution, and tracking is the best way to know what’s working for your engagement. The best part of any social media strategy is evolving with changes to social media platforms and how your audience changes.


If you need help designing a winning social media strategy to go along with a marketing plan, our team at Suite Edge is here to partner with you. We are experts in digital marketing, and we know how to put all the pieces together, from SEO to web development to ecommerce to social media, so your business will win! Reach out to us to discover how we can help you get there.



Everyone wants to be seen and heard, even on social media. These five strategies will help engage your social media followers, so they feel valued and motivated to trust your business. Social media platforms have so much to offer businesses of all sizes, so get intentional today with building your engagement!



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Published: June 6, 2022
Author: Suite Edge Author
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