January 2, 2023
5 SEO Tips for 2023
seo tips for 2023

5 SEO Tips for 2023


Ringing in a new year means a fresh start. For your business, that could mean diving into your website’s SEO. Whether your company’s website is new or has been around for years, these SEO tips for 2023 are useful. We believe SEO is a powerful tool that every business should use in their marketing strategy, and these tips will help you start 2023 strong!


1. Create valuable and conversational website content 


The one constant with search engine algorithms (like the famous Google algorithms) is they change. However, change isn’t always a bad thing because, with each Google algorithm update, Google can understand everyday language more thoroughly. This drastically helps the searcher find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. So how does that impact businesses?


With Google algorithms becoming more intelligent, it means businesses have to create valuable and conversational website content to increase their chances of ranking. People can see right through sales-y or robotic language (i.e., keyword stuffing) and will quickly click off. Google doesn’t want that, and neither do you! The more casual, informative, helpful, and expert your website content is, the more likely it will get views.


For example, a landscaping company might create a blog post about the best types of flowers for shaded areas. In addition, their “FAQ” landing page would do best to answer customer questions concisely and in a conversational tone. In both of these pages, the landscaping company could target several keywords that might land on search result pages because the content is valuable and shows the company’s expertise.


2. AI will continue to impact SEO


In our SEO Changes in 2022 post last year, we predicted AI (artificial intelligence) to be a significant player in SEO for 2022. AI and automation were on the rise last year, and we expect they will continue to impact SEO this year. AI allows internet users to see more personalized content, get results quicker, and find customer support. As a business, consider adding AI to your marketing tactics, as this will continue to rise this year.


3. Optimize for voice search


Thanks to Google, Alexa, Siri, and other voice assistants, voice search is growing in popularity. Since many people have devices in their homes, car, or on the go that have voice search capability, people can voice search anytime, anywhere. So, businesses must begin optimizing for voice searches. 


Often, voice searches come as a question. Think, “where’s the closest coffee shop?” When researching keywords to target, include questions to optimize for those voice searches. Consider the questions your customers already ask and others that people are searching for. Make sure your website content answers the question keywords you target clearly and concisely. 


4. Mobile-friendly websites


Mobile searches and browsing become more dominant with each passing year. This means any business, big or small, needs a mobile-friendly website. Because good SEO is not just content-based but also contingent on user experience, a website that actively and quickly loads on mobile devices is a must. 


This starts with effective website development and management. Through developing your website, you can implement important technical SEO tools, including a mobile-friendly website, that can help improve your search engine rankings. If your website loads slowly or incorrectly on a mobile device, people will likely move on to the next search result. So keep your brand and SEO strong with a mobile-friendly website!


5. Prioritize analytics 


This is another tip that’s not necessarily new for 2023. Monitoring and implementing analytics has always been important, but with the introduction of Google Analytics 4 this past year, it’s increasingly important to prioritize analytics. Your business’s Google Analytics will help you improve your website’s SEO by showing what’s working and what’s not.


With analytics, you can see which blog posts or website pages generate the most traffic, which keywords you rank for, and more critical metrics. Google Analytics is truly one of your greatest digital marketing tools, so take full advantage! Make it a priority in 2023 to view your website analytics on a regular basis. Then, you can take your findings and make necessary changes (or stay the path) to improve SEO. 


This is your year!


No matter where you are with your company’s SEO, you can make 2023 a great year for your marketing and SEO strategy! Start with these simple tips to get on the right track. Then, if you want more consistent help with SEO, Suite Edge is here to help. Our team of SEO experts uses a variety of tools and services to help make your business famous. SEO management is just one of the services we offer at Suite Edge, so reach out to us today to see how our marketing team can help.



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Published: January 2, 2023
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