December 5, 2022
5 Advantages of Revamping Your Website
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5 Advantages of Revamping Your Website


A company’s website is critical to its success in today’s online world. With most people using smartphones, people can access your website anywhere, anytime, to make a purchase. So, that’s more than enough reason to make sure your website is in top shape! Whether your website is outdated, lacking new content, or you don’t see the traffic and sales you desire, it’s probably time to overhaul it. If you’re wondering if a new website is right for your company, here are several benefits of a website redesign that can directly impact your business now and in the future!


1. Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of your top marketing tools as a small business. When SEO is used properly, it can drive visitors to your website through organic Google searches, which means more people see your products or services! The key to an exceptional SEO strategy is a functional, innovative, and optimized website. 


In order to achieve that solid SEO strategy, there are two crucial parts of SEO, technical and content. Technical SEO is improved when your website is built for search engines to easily know what your website is about. This is where a stellar web development team takes care of all aspects of technical SEO. Content SEO is based on all of the written content on your website. An improved website means there is space for your business to write optimized content to increase SEO. If your company’s goal is to get noticed on search engines more, a website redesign is a great place to start!


2. Better User Experience

As a consumer, have you ever used a website that was clunky, confusing, or just boring? Website visitors will quickly click off websites they don’t understand or particularly like. Revamping your website means you create a better user experience on every page. 


What does a better website user experience mean? A user-friendly website is organized (visitors can find the pages they want), easy to use (visitors can navigate around quickly), enjoyable (graphics and content that stand out), and mobile-friendly (pages that load quickly and adapt to mobile device screens). This is all achieved in website design and development. A custom website design tailored to your business and customers makes it a positive experience for everyone and sets you apart from competitors.


3. More Secure

If you have an online store, you know the importance of a secure website. For e-commerce websites, customers want assurance that their most vulnerable information is kept safe with you. When you revamp your e-commerce website with a trusted e-commerce platform, you give your customers confidence that their purchasing information is secure. 


Choosing a secure e-commerce platform takes time and expertise. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a professional web development team that has experience with e-commerce platforms to develop your unique company’s website.


4. Elevate Your Brand

A long-term advantage to revamping your website is elevating your brand’s presence. Branding is an important piece of your company’s marketing strategy, and effective branding leads to improved brand recognition. Website branding includes everything from design to images/graphics to content. 


Your website is often the first look a potential customer has into your business, so including a well-designed and functional website that includes correct and relevant information will only help your brand in the short and long term. When your brand is known for positive online experiences, customers will build more trust in your company.


5. Increase Visitors, Leads, & Sales

If potential customers get frustrated with a website’s functionality or can’t find the information they need, they won’t waste time switching to another website. On the other hand, a website redesign can lead to more visitors, leads, and sales. When a website is designed and developed with the customer in mind, people are more likely to linger on the website, shop, and make a purchase. 


Your website will attract visitors and leads with relevant landing and product pages with valuable and clear information for the visitor. Additionally, a website that’s optimized with a simple purchasing process can help visitors follow through with their purchase. 


Don’t Delay Your Website Redesign!

We hope it’s clear how revamping your website is a wise investment for your business that has many long-term benefits. Your company’s website is the face of your brand, so make it count! It all starts with a partner that is knowledgeable and passionate about your company’s growth. 


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Published: December 5, 2022
Author: Suite Edge Author