March 21, 2022
4 Ways to Improve SEO With Keyword Research
seo keyword research

4 Ways to Improve SEO With Keyword Research


You can’t have SEO without keyword research! It’s one of the foundations of a winning SEO strategy, so it’s essential to do it right. SEO keyword research is something anyone can do, though, with the right tools. Whether you’re a true beginner or have been around SEO keyword research for a while, you’ll find this information useful. Proper keyword research can improve your website’s SEO, so let’s get practical with tips to make that happen!


Why Keyword Research? 

First, let’s answer the bigger question. Why is keyword research so important? Essentially, it allows you to listen to your audience and customers more. You learn what your audience is searching for when considering a product or service like yours. As a result, what you think are important search terms may not actually be what they are searching for. 


For example, an “athletic club” sounds premium and may be in line with your offerings, but consider if your audience is searching for “gym,” “workout class,” or “fitness center” more. All of this gives good insight into your target audience and gives you the tools you need to create valuable and searchable content.


Consider Your Overall Goal

Before you even start thinking or researching keywords, ask yourself, what is your business’s overall goal? What problem are you trying to solve for potential customers? Sometimes people can get so caught up with the mechanics of keywords and search engine optimization that they forget the mission of their business. Doing keyword research and any SEO through the lens of your mission and goals will positively impact your SEO.


Consistent Keyword Research

Like other parts of your business, keyword research is not just a one-time thing. To really improve your SEO, it’s essential to do consistent keyword research. This will give you insight into how your customers’ searches change throughout time and any new industry language you may want to include. You will also want to keep up your keyword research to see how your chosen targeted keywords are doing.


Where’s a good starting place for keyword research? Put yourself in your audience’s mind. What would you search if you were the target audience or potential customer? Write those terms down and research those first. This will lead you to related keywords and other keywords your audience may search for.


Be Intentional with Keywords

Once you have a long list of potential keywords in your research, you might be wondering which ones you should target. The good news is you should target a lot of them, so you don’t have to be highly selective. You should, however, be intentional about the keywords you decide to target. The different types of keywords below will help with this.


Short-Tail vs. Long-Tail Keywords

With SEO keyword research, there are short-tail and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords, or head keywords, are more generic search terms that typically have high search volume. These would be terms like “workout class” or “fitness gym.” It’s tempting to only focus on short-tail keywords because they are searched frequently, but these types of keywords are also very competitive.


Long-tail keywords are just more specific and longer search terms. For instance, a long-tail keyword might be “workout class with childcare” or “fitness gym in Bonita Springs.” These keywords don’t have as much search traffic as short-tail keywords, but they also aren’t as competitive. Low search competition means you have a better chance of ranking high with long-tail keywords.


Create a Keyword Strategy

Now that you have a chosen list of keywords to target on your website, it’s time to get a strategy in place. First, you never want to stuff keywords on your web pages. This may actually hurt your rankings because search engines know this isn’t valuable content.


Consider these questions as you decide how to incorporate the keywords in your website. How can my website stand out from competitors’ websites? What’s my audience’s intent when they search these terms? What type of content best fits these keywords and my website? This will help you create content and modify your website to bring value to your site visitors and rank in the search engines. 


The other important thing to note about keyword strategy is you don’t have to do it alone. Partnering with a professional SEO marketing team will help you develop and execute a winning SEO strategy. Suite Edge is a team of experts specializing in SEO to help your company win. Suite Edge is the ideal partner for successful search engine optimization from strategy to development to execution.



Improving your SEO takes time, but focused SEO keyword research is critical to see that improvement. When you take a deep dive into your company’s mission and focus, consider what’s essential to your audience, and be diligent with keyword research and strategy, you are well on your way to a solid SEO keyword approach. Learn more about Suite Edge’s services and how we can help you win with SEO.



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Published: March 21, 2022
Author: Suite Edge Author
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