March 6, 2023
3 Tips for a Successful Blog
tips for writing a business blog

3 Tips for a Successful Blog


Creating a business blog is no small task. There’s a lot of thought, time, and expertise that goes into writing valuable blog posts consistently. You may wonder why your blog posts aren’t getting the web traffic you thought, or you’re researching ways to maximize your blog from the beginning. Whatever brings you here, we have you covered! Blog writing is one of the most successful digital marketing tools available and one we recommend to all our clients. So let’s dive into tips for writing a business blog and how to make it a successful blog!


What is a successful blog?

First, let’s define what’s considered a successful blog. The goal for your business blog should be to drive organic traffic to your website, generate leads, and bring in new customers. If your blog posts can do any of those things, you are on your way to a successful blog! 


So, how does a successful business blog achieve those things? If your blog is optimized and written with the customer in mind, it will appear in more search results and eventually higher on the search engine result page (SERP). That means more potential customers see your blog listing and can click to read more. We want more eyes on your blog posts because that can lead to more leads and business growth. Here are some practical ways you can achieve a winning business blog.


1. Blog Consistently

Google and your audience like consistency. It shows that you are an expert in your industry and want to provide value to your customers. When your customers see your expertise and consistency, it builds trust. We all know that customers purchase from companies they trust, so it’s crucial to build that trust in every way possible with your audience. 


The next question usually is, how many blogs should I write per month? That ultimately depends on how much time and capacity you have to dedicate to blog writing. If you or your staff don’t have the desire or time to write blogs, you can partner with expert copywriters specializing in SEO-friendly content. Whatever number you decide, make sure you are consistent with it each month.


2. Solve problems and answer questions

Think about yourself as a consumer for a minute. When you do a Google search and land on a website or blog, what makes you stay? A major reason you visit and read a blog is because it answers your question! So, a successful blog for your audience will answer their questions and help solve their problem. 


For example, a lawn care company might choose to write a blog about the best weed killers for your grass. This blog has the potential to generate a lot of organic traffic and engagement because this is a common problem their audience faces. Find blog topics that engage your audience with relevant information and invite them to connect with your business to learn more.


3. Share Across Multiple Channels 

The final tip for a successful business blog happens after you hit publish on your blog post. While the ultimate goal is for your blog post to climb the rankings of SERPs, we can’t miss out on other channels to share your blog post. So, if you want to drive more traffic to your blog and website, share that weekly or monthly blog post on your social media pages. This spreads the word to some of your most loyal fans!


In addition, share your latest blog post in your email newsletter. Your email subscribers already indicated they want to hear from you, so it’s a great opportunity to share what you’re talking about on your blog. Your email list is another group of your most loyal customers, so this is another chance for them to engage and build trust with your company.


Bonus: Make it SEO Friendly 

Let’s throw in a bonus tip for creating a winning blog. An optimized blog is one of the key components to generating web traffic and leads. A blog written with SEO in mind has a better chance of ranking on Google and, thus, generating organic traffic. Some important SEO tactics to keep in mind when writing blogs are keywords, length, and images. 

  • Keywords: Do keyword research and focus on a keyword for your blog post. 
  • Length: Google won’t recognize blog posts that are too short or too long.
  • Images: Including graphics in your blog posts is more enjoyable for the reader and more readable for search engines.


Need Consistent Blog Management? 

If all of this sounds great, but you don’t have the time to dedicate to consistent blog writing, the team at Suite Edge has you covered. Our team of digital marketers uses their passion and skills in content marketing, SEO, copywriting, and social media to write and manage your SEO-friendly blog. Connect with Suite Edge to learn more about our blog management services and how they can incorporate into your overall marketing strategy.



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Published: March 6, 2023
Author: Suite Edge Author
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